5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO plugins are actually dedicated to help you to make your website to be ranked higher. They are tools that help you to perform every task that is necessary to implement your SEO campaign more efficiently. Moreover, that means that you will not have to worry about each task while these plugins will remain you that and sometimes even perform it for you. I suggest making your life easier by installing them to your WordPress site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin takes care of all the technical optimization and concentrates on helping you to write better content. It will mainly require you to choose the main keyword, focus on it and remind you to use that focus keyword everywhere so that final work meets the general SEO requirements. However, this plugin is not delivered for WordPress sites that are created on WordPress.org forums.


RB Internal Links

This plugin is mainly about linking. It helps you to link to posts and pages in your blog. „The shortcode for the plugin within the post gets converted to the current permalink for the post on the render of the page“ claims official WordPress site. That means that if you will change your link structure, you won’t need to go back and edit your internal links anymore. Using UI you can even get a shortcode added to the post for you.

Simple URLs

Moreover, you can install Simple URLs plugin that will allow you to create, manage and track outbound links from your site by using custom types and 301 redirects. With this plugin you will be able to create, edit, delete and mange URLs. Moreover you can use this plugin for tracking outbound links, as those, for example, from affiliate programs. You can track the number of clicks and the actual number of purchases.

W3 Total Cache

This is named as one of the most powerful plugin in caching. It lets you to perform variety of actions such as combining, minification for CSS and JS to HTML linebreak, comment removal, browser or disk caching. It will also increase your server’s performance as it will reduce the downtime times and will provide you transparent content delivery network integration.



This is a plugin that will mainly extend the control of your blog. It will let you to manage the roles as it allows editing or deleting them. Moreover, by using the plugin you are able to make your site completely private or control who has access to the content by using shortcodes.

As you see as SEO becomes more and more popular, more and more programs to make it easier appear. There is no need to perform everything by yourself while you can just install the plugin which will perform the tasks for you. All you need is to think of what is necessary and install it from official WordPress site.




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SEO Hosting Options

I remember the last time in this blog my very first post was about SEO hosting that I tried to explain you what kind of phenomenon it is in general. I hope that it really worked for you and actually if you got interested I decided to make it easier for you and to conclude these SEO hosting options straight away here in this blog as well. If you want your website to stand out in the mass of internet stuff I suggest you reviewing these options, while many other companies offer only usual hosting without paying attention to SEO.


SEOHosting is actually a hosting company that offers variety of hosting options such as shared, VPS or dedicated hosting always with SEO in mind. As VPS is one of the most popular in hosting market and is the most usable one, let’s take a deeper look into its options. If you would decide to sign up with this company, you will have 4 VPS plans to choose from. If we will seek the human instinct and will look at the most cheapest one, it will actually cost us 50 dollars per month. What you are able to get is 100 GB disk space, 2 GB RAM and 1.5 TB bandwidth. It might look for you a little expensive for this amount of resources, but do not forget that it will implement the SEO campaign which will make your website to be ranked higher.



This is another option that I suggest you reviewing. It actually provides even more hosting options because there are 5 VPS plans you can choose from. It also provides you with smaller packages that do not consist of so many resources and requires smaller payment as well. The very minimum plan costs 30 dollars per month and offers 50 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth and 1 GB random access memory. As you see the resources are almost below half comparing with the previous variant. However, the price is not half lower, so I would suggest you rethinking with which to sign up actually. What is more important? Lower price or bigger resources? If you run a website that takes a little more space than usual, I suggest you giving the priority to the resources.



And the last option that I have found reasonable is offered by SEOHost hosting company. There are 4 VPS plans to choose from. The very first one costs 49.95 dollars per month. As you see the price is pretty the same as with the very first options so what I suggest you looking at in this case is the resources you can get. With this plan you will be supplied with 512 MB RAM, 20 GB disk space and 200 GB bandwidth. As you see these resources are from the resources provided by SEOHosting, so you probably already rejected this variant.


Conclusively, I want to notice that before signing up it is not enough only to look at price and resources. I suggest you also reviewing the general performance of the company and see if they really provide a trustful service. How? Well google it and see reviews, for example, explore Who Is Hosting This website, which places many reviews about hosting companies.


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How Does Your Domain Name Matters

Some might think that it doesn’t matter how your domain name sounds or looks like. Some would only think of it and register the first variant that came to their head. However, I would consider this a huge failure as it is really important to think of it deeply before making it public. It can be related not only directly to the attraction of your customer but also to your business success. See on how it is important to think of what your domain name is.

Easy to Remember Attracts More Customers

Your domain name shouldn’t be too fancy and sophisticated. This might make it way too difficult to remember and your visitor won’t remember it the next time he will want to enter the website. You don’t want it to happen right? So make it short, simple, clear and easy to remember. As it so, your visitors will have more chances to enter the website more often.


Related Name Gives More Chances to Be Found

Moreover, your domain name should directly reveal of what it is about. For example, if you run an e-commerce website your domain name could be shopandbuy.xx or spendongood.xx. It will be way much easier for your customer to find your website as the name by itself will mainly mean the sphere you are working in. Give the clearance for them and make it simpler by using main keywords in it.


No Numbers Or Hyphens

Yes, you might think that it would look more beautiful and attractive. But would you remember the numbers better instead of complete word? I guess the answer is no. Avoid using numbers or hyphens as they strain the domain name with completely unnecessary details that are way too difficult to remember. Keep in mind, the simpler you get, the better result you receive at the end.


Appropriate Extension and Research

What I suggest to do firstly is to think of like ten domain names first because the one you thought about might be already register. To avoid staying without any variants make a brain storm and have alternatives. Moreover, it is important what kind of domain name extension you choose, for example, com or net. Even though com is one of the most popular, it might not be really suitable in your case.


So if you are keeping these entire thesis in mind while you think of your domain name it will totally contribute to your SEO campaign success. While it will be short, easy, simple and easy to remember you will get more visible at the same time which should be the main goal of your entire SEO.



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Be Aware Of Most Common SEO Mistakes

Obviously SEO is becoming more and more popular. But together with this popularity it seems that people start to think that it is way easy to accomplish a successful SEO campaign. And this is probably the biggest mistake to think so. Actually you need to put a lot of efforts to see success somewhere in the end of the tunnel and to achieve this goal you need to be aware of the most common mistakes that people do and avoid doing them by yourself.

I Love, My Love, You Love, We Love, Let’s Love

Yes you probably understood what I have meant. People are trying too hard and sometimes stuff their content with unnecessarily too many keywords. Of course, it is important to repeat them, but a few times might work just great. Moreover, you can include it into title which will look just innocent. Do not overload the text with them and do not annoy your reader. Keeping him satisfied should be one of the most important goals.


Inefficient Link Building

Google works pretty great at this issue. If you will hire a cheap SEO hosting company that promises you to build hundreds of links you will probably end being banned. Google puts a lot of efforts to recognize this crappy link building which is used to get higher ranks in search results. Moreover, avoid using broken links, such as „if you want to become beautiful, click here“. Firstly, they will obviously not going to make anyone more beautiful than they are and secondly, Google doesn’t like them either. Use linking subtle and responsible.


Forgetting Statistics

Do not forget it. You need to analyze your website’s data so that you could state your main goals of your business. For example, using Google Analytics tool you might find some really great information that could help in your SEO campaign. Most usable keywords and keywords through which your visitor found you will be showed. Doesn’t it sound useful? Yes, you should use analytics tools.


Imitative Content

No. Please do not copy any content and pretend that it is yours. That is so lame and so inappropriate. It not only should gnaw your conscience but also you might be cached by Google as well. If it will happen, believe me you will be forwarded million miles away from people that might find you. In other words, you will result being very far from the first Google page. I bet you don’t want that.


No playing in SEO. Everything should be considered clearly and done with arguments. If you will think that it is an easy activity that is not worth much efforts you are more likely to end up in Google’s deadly page two or even more far.

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How to Implement Your SEO Campaign

SEO is search engine optimization, or in other, clearer words it is a variety of actions taken to make your website visible in a mass of content placed on the internet. Its actual goals are to create a great and seamless user experience together with communicating to the search engines with an intention to make them recommend your website for relevant searches. However, it could be a question for some on how to achieve this intention, so here are a few tips on how to implement your SEO campaign and make yourself visible.

Create a Great Website

Firstly what is very important is to create a great and attractive website which might even attract lots of people without SEO campaign. If you endeavor enough you are more likely to create interesting and engaging content which will work as a great magnetizing factor. Imagine the people attracted after you do your SEO campaign, there will be more and more visitors by the time.

URL Properties

Your URL address should be SEO-friendly. What is that? Well, try to make your domain name easy to find and revealing. The best thing you can do is to relate it to what you are doing, for example, to what you are writing about. So if you write about travelling, your URL could be travel.com, now you’ve got it, right? Your domain name shouldn’t be too long or contain of too many hyphens so that it is easy to remember and a visitor can enter your website without difficulties next time. Do not overdo it.


Find Out The Keywords Necessary

Before you start your SEO campaign find out the keywords you will use during it. You are able to make it an easier activity by using such free programs as Keyword Discovery, Word Tracker or AdWords Keyword Tool offered by Google. However, do not pay attention to the number of keywords found, what should matter here is the volume of these keywords. Collect them and make a list.


Make SEO-friendly Titles

Every title on your pages of website should be SEO-friendly. The main thing is not to make them too fancy, they should be easy as your URL. Try to include your keywords not only in the text but in the title as well. Do not make them too long. 3-4 words at title place will work just great.

Build Links

Another very important element of your SEO campaign is link building. One suggestion would be to seek links from authority sites in your industry or any publicly trusted sites. Moreover, analyze the inbound links to your competitors to find links you can acquire. Also, creating a good content is very important here is well so that it will be readable and the links will be visible for someone.


Make a Variety of Your Traffic Sources

Do not give away everything to do for search engines. What if tomorrow they go down and etc.? To keep your visitor interested create newsletters so that he can always find something new and important. In this way you are able to hold your traffic or even boost it. Actually, all the steps mentioned here will help you to grow your audience of loyal prospects which might help you to survive during search engine’s whims.

These are the main steps to seek while you are doing your SEO campaign. However, there are still much to do without them as well. For more information on how to implement your SEO click here.


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Website Success With SEO Hosting

If you start your business or just expand it online, the greatest matter that contributes to its success is its visibility. Honestly, it is not enough to place good content there because there are tricks that might help you get noticed sooner and not to end up in the deadly Google page 2. Consider the ideas below and give it a try.

What is SEO Hosting?

This type of hosting uses traditional and non-traditional tools that improve the optimization of your website and not only do they increase your traffic but boost your sales as well. In other words, search engine optimization gives you more chances to be ranked higher on the search results page on any search engine there is.

How Does It Work?

While using SEO hosting, a webmaster gets an opportunity to host his website on different IP addresses. Why do you need them? The answer is simple and you have probably known it already. The search engine gives a higher ranking according to other people linking to your website. So while the same IP address gives the links it just doesn’t work. So when you are choosing your hosting plan check on how many IPs you have included to it and find the best offers you can take.

Why Do You Need It?

While there are so much content on the Internet, it gets really difficult to be somehow special in the masses. With SEO hosting you get more chances to be found and heard.  The more customers notice you, the more sales you might get. The more sales you get, the earnings you receive, the bigger your online business becomes. Take it easy and enjoy your success with a simple decision.

While some people consider it unfair, remember that it is how marketing works nowadays. There is nothing unfair here. Everyone plays it you just need to know the rules how to get into that game and win!

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