Main SEO Terms You Should Know Running a Blog

When running any kind of website that can be ecommerce, a blog, an individual site and etc – SEO is important and gains even more beneficial value when days pass. For the beginning, some of you might still not know what it is, so let me give you a quick heads up on this. SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization and when you do it right – you page rank results increases and you have more chances to take a place in the very first Google’s page, which is important so that your visitors find you and increase you traffic. So let’s find out more and meet the main terms each should know before starting.


This is a simple link but placed in another website (not yours) that point to your website. Google evaluates that if other websites point to you – your blog is an important and valuable information source.


This is so called algorithm that Google uses. PageRank increases when your website gains links from other sources. So backlinks directly affect your Pagerank. So the more links you have – the bigger your PageRank is.


There are so called nofollow links as well. They are mostly used by website owners and are ment to signal Google that they are not pointing/recommending that website. When Google sees a nofollow link, they simply do not count them when evaluating the pagerank.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content might appear when a few different domains have the same or very similar content in each of them. The strong suggestion is to not “borrow” content from other sites as Google might penalize you and your blog will appear in the very last pages.

Robots Texts

When Google created algorithm for duplicate content, people created a way to not get caught. Robot texts are the texts when some kind of software creates a text by mixing the words of one text given. So when you upload a text, you can get like a three different (but not logical) texts – this would save up your time spent on writing. However, this doesn’t work in most of the cases anymore. Do not risk.

There are also much more terms that you should know, but let’s leave them for the later blog posts. Let’s leave a trigger, right?

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Google Algorithms – How Do They Affect Your Website?

Google is consistently updating their algorithms that are directly affecting your website’s SEO rates. The latest ones are so called Colossus and Phantom that we will discuss in this blog post. So let’s find out what’s so new about them and what you can actually expect when implementing any kind of your SEO activities.

Phantom has now become Google’s page-level algorithm which means that this update will only penalize individual pages and its content but will not affect anyhow the entire domain.  Because, if you remember the previous Phantom algorithm was pretty much stricter – it affected the whole domain which lasted in losing traffic, decrease of conversions and etc. Well, this is not happening anymore.

Now, let’s concentrate on other new algorithm called Colossus. So far since it is being on the air already it seems that it has brought some benefits and especially for those who have some trustworthy and fresh content on their websites. As you can already assume, this update is all about the freshness of the content so do not keep updating your old content, create something new.

However, it seems that the new updates of Google are not as punishing as we though before, but there are some dropdown that you need to consider before the very Phantom update comes to you.

Firstly, if you are keeping low quality content on your website you should be worried. Those who think that lower quality is better than nothing – will not get any good from it. The first and the most important rule is to keep in mind that no duplicated content is appreciated.

Increasing the user experience of your site is also important. The update will check how fast your website loads, what kind of design you are using, is your website mobile friendly and etc. If you meet all the requirements, you can expect a better rank, if not – a risk of losing it increases.

Other important factors that Phantom update will also check is related to user engagement and relying on user-generated content. Try to keep in mind all of these points while working on your website and its content – this will ensure that your SEO ranks are stable or even increasing.

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Tools to Find the Right Keyword

The latest tendencies are those that any kind of business should now concentrate on their SEO results. If you are more far than in the first Google page – your business are in risk. This is the reason why you should work on this and create an actual plan that will help you to achieve some results. However, you probably know that SEO is all about keywords, so we will review a few tools that will help you to find a right keyword for your business.

Web Analytics

When I say this I mean tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot software that will allow you to find out the terms that generates traffic for your website. This will be a greta foundation that you can use in your SEO campaign.

Google AdWords

This will provide you with a few tools that will help you to do your keyword research and this is a really great start. Using this tool you can insert one or multiple keywords and this app will define the competition between them and if it is really important for you to use them.

Google Insights

Using this tools will also let you to try using multiple keywords that might be filtered in such a characteristics as location, search history or category. After doing so, you will receive the results that will show you how much there is an interest on a certain keyword on the Internet which will let you to count how successfully you might go with that keyword.

Keyword Grader

You can also find this separate tool that HubSpot provides that helps to identify the best keywords for optimizing your site and track the results. By using this you will also see which keyword o the used ones is the most efficient.

Of course, these are only suggestions but the list might be way much wider as well. What kind of software you are using? Please, share your opinion with us.

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SEO vs. Social Network Traffic

While trying to get more traffic into your site there are many options as from  trying to engage your visitors and etc. However, one of the most powerful tools remains to be SEO campaigns and Social Networks. These two options bring way much greater traffic to your site, but requires lots of efforts and time as well. However, as for the beginning, you should concentrate on one activity first so that you can reach the best results possible. For this reason we will review both of the campaigns and will see which one is worth to start with.

SEO is also known as search engine optimization and it will mainly place many relevant ads to your site. Think of that it will be logical that people who click on the ads placed will look for more information by coming to your site. This increases the traffic, right?

However, SEO will be helpful only to increase the traffic but not the quality of your content. The more traffic you generate, the more chances you have to sell your product or service. However, in many cases it might be only a number of visitors who just come to your site and leave it straight away. Even though it will not help you to sell, it might attract some investors and advertisers as the main thing they usually look at is how many visitors your website generates in general.

While talking about the traffic received from social network, you need to notice that it might duplicate. By saying that I mean that the same visitor might be counted as for two ones, if he likes your page and keeps coming. Also, social networks give you the ability to place as many images or audio content you want. This will also generate more traffic and works instead of ads placed in SEO campaign.

Conclusively, the best thing of course would be to implement both of the campaign at once. But if you don’t have enough human resources and things like that – don’t worry. Try implementing one and the another and see what works the best for you.

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Why WordPress Is The Best CMS?

When you are building your website, it is logical that most of you will have to decide on which CMS to use. There is a huge variety of them but you should consider certain things so as to make the right decision. This time let’s review why WordPress is considered to be one of the very best CMS ever. When deciding, make sure you know all the specifications so as you take everything you can from the CMS you will be using.

Standard Features

The first point that I want to take your attentionto is that WordPress now is packed with standard features from menu configuration till media handling and etc. The new versions of WordPress have made the platform evolve into a great CMS for all types of websites.

Learning Curve

Creating the text, uploading images and other activities are simple to do, so the technophobes can use WordPress without feeling intimidated. Also, there will be loads of functionality at your fingertips, so it will be easy to ignore difficult things that will help you to learn even more because WordPress is so simple to use.


Also, there is no need to worry about the looks of your website. WordPress gives variety of options that will give you the ability to change the looks whenever you want to and however you need to. For some themes you might need to pay a little but you will be able to build your own theme – the price might vary till $50.


Also, if you need your website do certain things like block it from comments or to see statistics of your visitors and most popular web pages – WordPress will cover it all.


When you will start using WordPress you will see all the updates keep coming and coming. This is a great thing as your website will be always updated, safe and sound.

Also, while using WordPress you will find other features such as easy SEO, good customer support, low price for setting up WordPress and etc. All of these points make the WordPress platform the best CMS ever.

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Why it is So Difficult to Attract Visitors?

So you have your website, you filled it with content, you are already running a marketing campaign, but you do not have visitors. Wondering why? There could be many reasons why people do not visit your website. So as to answer to why it is so difficult to attract visitors it is becessary to analyze reasons and factors that determine your website’s visitors traffic or the lack of it.

The first reason on why people do not come to your website are competitors. About 80% of internet visitors find websites through search engines. Most of the people use Google search engine so we will concentrate into it as well. Firstly, you should check if you are visible.

In order for Google to see your site, it has to find it (index). You can inform about your new website by yourself in a special Google form or to wait until it finds the search engine robots. If your site is already indexed, it is very likely that the cast of their new site key phrase in the Google search box on the front page of your site will not be seen. Statistically, the first three positions attracts most of the visitors. To get traffic from Google you need to have access to the first three positions so at least in the top ten. The traffic problem may be solved by the search engine optimization.

Another reason, why visitors do not come to your website is not relevant, not interesting or copied content. In previous blog posts we have already talked about the fact that it is very important what kind of information is provided. Originality, completeness and usefulness of the content are cornerstones of visitors to the site maintenance factors. You can be the first position on Google search engine. And our goal is to keep people on your site. If you are creating a website for your company, be sure to analyze competitors’ websites: what information they offer and how they provides it. After analysis it is necessary not to make mistakes, which perhaps were left by the competitors and it is necessary to submit detailed information that is more understandable. Make your site so that it is pleasant to visit it. The main thing at this stage is to keep in mind that you are creating a site not for yourself but for your visitor. Pay attention to the little things, try to imagine yourself on a visitor’s side. The most important thing to grab attention in the first few seconds and if what the visitor see satisfies him, it is very likely that he will be interested.

The third reason why visitors do not come may be the absence of the target user. It is more important for specialized firms providing non-traditional and very unpopular services. If your profile is operating aircraft repair, it is hardly worth expect high volume. Your site will be visited by those, who really needs these services.= and at the vest variant those aviation enthusiasts. In this case referred to a very specific niche is interested in and it is small amount because this may be the cause of low traffic. In this case, one needs to understand that any measures will not help raise the targeted traffic to your site, so you can try to expand the site profile or connect to a larger project.

All the causes should be taken into account. The main factor in determining whether a customer lands on your website is what he sees. If he likes the content and form, the user will stay there. Therefore, recapitulating we can say that it is so hard to attract visitors to the site so that the form and content created at the client and the same developer. You should distance yourself and feel as not the author of website but as a consumer. Then attract people to the site will be much easier.


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SEO Results That Makes it Worth

I know that SEO campaigns are becoming more and more popular. However, have you ever thought of what results it actually brings and why it is really worth to do that. This time, we will review the main results that might be achieved while doing your SEO. It might encourage you to try even more.

404 Error Pages

What does 404 error page tells us? It actually means that page is not found and it might happen because you have changed your URLs over time or removed a few pages when you overhauled your design. The bigger the site is, the more errors you will face. However, SEO might help you. Create a custom 404 page that display a creative image and ;link out to 25 to 50 random internal pages on the website. The more indexed pages you have working Google, the more opportunities you have of getting search traffic.

Start a Fight

A really great thing is also to start a fight of your products. What it means? Try to design vote system for your products so that your customers can evaluate the values of your products. This will actually help to increase the number of internal pages being indexed.

Moving Infographics

You probably know that it is an effective form of content marketing but it is going out of being popular already. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to get more traffic or backlinks, just be more creative. What you can do new about them, is to make them moving or 3D, this will totally generate more views for you.

Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique is a content marketing for link builders. To leverage it find content that other people have already created that got tons of links. Then copy the concept you have found and make sure what you create is a lot better. Finally reach out to the right people. This will help you to generate more visitors to your site.

Have you ever tried at least one of these techniques? If no, then try them, this should help you to increase your SEO results, which is really important to make your website more visible in the mass of them.

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The Main SEO Factors

If we would look at the range of services offered by web hosting sites we would find that each of them is offering SEO optimization service. SEO (search engine optimization) is a web application and search engine optimization. At a time when Internet is very widely spread, a large proportion of users use search engines to find the desired information, product or service. Therefore, it is very important that your website is the first in the search results so as the customer finds your particular site. So, SEO optimization is the web sites and their content tune so that it is being placed in your site and gain more higher position for specific keywords.

It was already mentioned that the website is a company’s business card, which must seem safely and reliably. SEO is a way to show that card. There are many factors that determine the position of your site in search results, starting from the right page programming, ending with the frequency of update information. So we will briefly discuss three key SEO factors that determine your internet project to success.

Keywords are the key factor in your website to be included in the results of a particular topic. User searching for a particular service in the search engine field usually introduces a few key words, he thinks how to best describe what he was looking for. Essential keywords should reflect both the website page header and page addresses so as content. The content of keywords must be optimal. If the keyword is too low it is likely that the site will not be shown. If the content of the website will be loaded with keywords, it will suffer greatly from the quality of the content, the user who founds a patchwork of keywords would like information on the spot and immediately will turn off your site. Not only the optimal choice of keywords is important, but also a good and useful content retention.

First of all, your website content should be interesting, informative and useful. Don’t forget originality as well. Search engines very disapproves plagiarism or repetitive content. Also, your users will consider it negatively as well. With your proposals related articles or descriptions of services is a great medium to insert the desired keywords. Furthermore, interesting, original and constantly updated website content encourages users to return again and again to your site. The internets is full of variety of information, but not every of it is interesting or useful so when the customer finds a quality and professional information he is more likely to trust it.

Search engines robots scans all the content on the Internet by following links. Link network consists all the base of the Internet. The more your website quoted, the more external links to it leads to the more favorably it watching the search engine. However, it should be noted that there is no need to go beyond the limits. False or suspicious links are assumed as negative by search engines. Link leads to the emergence of a number of factors, but the most important of them is good, professional and original content. When a user finds good information he usually shares it with others on their blog or social networks with a link to it. This increases the flow of visitors to your website. It should be noted that the referencing are becoming not quite legitimate character. A lot of people sell links. Artificial link building is assessed negatively by search engines. However it would be very useful to post your website address or a link in other specialized and dedicated website.

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Main Advantages of SEO

We have been talking about SEO and its activities for a long time from now. However what I have realized is that we never made it clear why one should actually implement a SEO campaign. So this time I invite you to review the main advantages that SEO actually gives us if we do care about it. Why one should start SEO campaign and if it is really worth to do so will be answers that I will try to give you this time.

Increased Traffic

One of the advantages that SEO gives is actually it increases the traffic of your website. If you actually get on the top position of the search engine result pages you are more likely to generate more clicks than ever which will totally increase the traffic of your website. Also, you should concentrate on creating informative and keyword relevant title tags and meta description s that will show up in the result page. In this case you will be able to increase your traffic efficiently.


What is that? It is actually a short version of return on investment. Because SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results, regardless of whether you are an ecommerce  or non-commerce site  so there are no qualms when it comes to ROI. What you should actually do is to check the statistics every time – find out every aspect of your strategy – increased rankings, traffic and conversions.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your projects and services online. SEO also targets users who are actively searching for products and services like yours, so the traffic resulting from SEO is more qualified than many other marketing strategies, resulting in cost-saving for companies.

Brand Awareness

Also, since top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your own website in these top positions on the result pages translates to more exposure for your website. Also, being on the first page for your targeted keywords not only helps users to associate your brand with those keywords, but it instills trust, since companies on the first page are generally perceived to be more trustworthy.

All in all, all these thing mentioned above happens because of your SEO activities. If you will implement your SEO campaign, you can wait until these things will actually appear as results of your website.

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How to Make the Best Keyword List

When you think about SEO it is very important to talk about keywords as well. The thing you should actually do is to make the keywords list that would help you to increase your ranks. However, there are some crucial steps that need to be done and important things that should be thought of while creating your list.


The first thing that you should do is to look at everything through a customer eyes. What you should also do is to write down the main categories of your business and the terms or phrases that might be related to any of them. Moreover, the best thing would be if you could predict what kind of words your customer will likely use while talking about your service or product.


When you already thought of your keywords there is another important thing to do – make it not general but as much specific. For example, beautiful would be general but blue would state a color of that beautiful that is way more specific why it is beautiful, right? However, if your main task is to attract as many visitors as you can choose the general ones.


When you already have your list it is important to not have too many of them or too less, right? However, most of the people find it beneficial to have from five to twenty keywords in one ad group. So it actually also depends on how many ad groups you have. However, do not forget to make all those keywords related to each other.


Put your keywords into groups. Give a theme for every of these groups and will work just fine. If you won’t do that your customer that will be searching for women’s pangs might find  the ones for men. You don’t want that to happen, right? So organize your keywords and group them into themes.

Furthermore, you are actually able to use keyword planner to find and select new keywords and to improve the clickthrough rate with negative keywords.

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